Where to Find Secondhand Furniture

There are many places you can find gently used furniture, especially at thrift stores. Often, Habitat for Humanity resells items at a discount. If you do not want to donate your furniture, consider donating it to a shelter for battered women or the homeless. Sometimes, you can even find a piece at an estate sale. No matter where you find your furniture, remember to keep your home’s aesthetic in mind.

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One popular option is Craigslist. The site has many different categories. The furniture market is particularly good for furniture, technology, and decorative items. There are also many other sites to sell your furniture, including eBay and Etsy. Think strategically about where you sell your furniture if you’re thinking of selling it online or donating it to a thrift store. It may be easier to donate or give it away than you think!

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Another option is Trove. This site allows buyers to buy secondhand furnishings from sellers nearby. Sellers post pictures and descriptions of the pieces, along with the dates and times that they’re available for in-person meetings. The buyer pays after in-person approval. Unlike many retail stores, Trove carries name brands, making it a good choice for homeowners looking for inexpensive yet high-quality furnishings. There are thousands of items for sale on Trove.

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If you’re selling your furniture online, make sure it looks good. If possible, stage the pieces. Showing furniture in a staging setting allows potential buyers to envision how the piece will fit in the home and how much space it takes up. Be sure to take multiple pictures of each piece. Also, use good lighting to make the furniture look better. Dim lighting can make the item look dirty. Besides, good lighting is easier to view online.




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