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What Android Apps Are Only Available in the US?

There are some popular apps that are only available in the United States. The apps listed in the app store or Google play store are often called US only apps. Similar restrictions apply to apps from other countries. It is wise to read about the restrictions before installing a particular app. Here are some examples. The Amazon app includes shopping functionality and Alexa voice commands. The app also features shopping comparison with brick and mortar stores. You can also check out the Fresh and Restaurants services from Amazon anxnr.

Windows users can also download Android apps for the PC. Microsoft announced that Windows Subsystem for Android would be available for Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. The first preview of the new version was released earlier this year and has not yet launched for the general public. However, the US version is expected to be released for five more markets before the end of the year. The Windows Subsystem for Android is used to run Android apps in a virtual machine, which provides compatibility with the Android Open Source Project.

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