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How Do I See the Date of Installation of Apps on Android?

How do I see the date of installation of an app on an Android device? This question often arises during development. I want to know who installed an app on my phone and on what date it was installed. I tried going to the settings menu, managing applications, but I couldn’t find any further information. I’ve also tried searching for a specific app name and version to see the date of its install.

The Android operating system is packed with functionality, and one of the sections on the user interface is on installing applications. Here, you’ll find some answers to common questions. You might even have to force-stop the app to see its latest version, but this is not always necessary. To be sure, you can take a screenshot of the App info pane and write it down. If this doesn’t work, you can simply install the app again from the Google Play Store.

To view the date of the last app installation, open the Google Play Store’s “My apps & games” section. The “Installed” section lists the apps currently installed on your phone, while the “Library” section shows any apps you’ve downloaded earlier but are not installed yet. Note that Android applications are available for re-installation if you delete them.

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