Films That Will Send You Back to Your Childhood Days

There are certain things that trigger our deep-seated nostalgia for our formative years. There’s no denying that for the majority of individuals, childhood is their favorite memory. Many movies and television series transport us back to our childhood and give us nostalgic feelings. The films listed below are all well-known films that we used to watch on our cable TV as kids. If you want to experience the same state of mind we did when watching these films, view them and relive your past experiences.

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Baby’s Day Out

A family comedy movie called Baby’s Day Out revolves around the story of a baby and three thieves. The thieves trick their way into a mansion while posing as children’s photographers in order to steal a baby. Their baby, on the other hand, demonstrates some ingenuity by avoiding capture and entering downtown Chicago. The con artists now need to find their kidnapped victim, who thinks that in order to get home, he must act out scenes from his favorite book, including trips to the zoo and a building site.

Mr Bean’s Holiday

A comic road movie called Mr. Bean’s Holiday centers on Mr. Bean’s vacation journey. His trip does not go as planned as he encounters a string of miscommunications and incredibly unlucky incidents while on vacation in the south of France, where he was hoping for a quiet and sunny vacation along the Riviera. In the end, Mr. Bean manages to ruin Carson Clay’s final picture and unintentionally makes an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Home Alone

Home Alone Kevin McCallister, an annoying 8-year-old, is forced to spend the night in the attic by his mother the night before the family travels to Paris in this Christmas comedy family movie. The McCallisters leave for the airport without Kevin, and he awakens to an empty house. Kevin is overjoyed when his demand to be left alone is granted, but his happiness quickly wanes when he discovers that two robbers are preparing to plunder the McCallister mansion and that he is the only one who can stop them.


In the horror fantasy movie Goosebumps, young Zach Cooper expresses his displeasure about relocating from a big city to a tiny community. When he meets his attractive neighbor Hannah, whose mysterious father is revealed to be R.L. Stine, the renowned author of the bestselling “Goosebumps” series, he discovers a glimmer of hope. Stine, his daughter, and Cooper must work together to return the monsters to their proper locations in the books after Zach unwittingly sets them free.


Casper is a fantasy family movie about a kind, young ghost that lives quietly in a Maine mansion. James Harvey, a psychic, invites his teenage daughter Kat along when he goes to meet Casper and the other spirits. Casper quickly develops feelings for Kat, but their relationship is complicated by his transparency as well as the playful antics of his phantom ancestors.

Stuart Little

A family comedy called Stuart Little centers on Stuart. Stuart, a charming young mouse, is the new family member that the Littles adopt when they visit an orphanage. While Snowbell the family cat is not happy about having a mouse as his “master” and plots to get rid of him, George the younger brother is initially suspicious of his new brother. Stuart makes a commitment to face these difficulties head-on with all the grit, love, and bravery he can muster. He proves to his new family that big things can come in little packages as a result.


In the family fantasy movie Jumanji, Judy and Peter, two orphan children, find a weird jungle-themed game called Jumanji in the attic of an old manor. The enigmatic board game whisks Peter and Judy Shepherd away to a world of adventure as the youngsters explore it. Alan Parrish, who has been imprisoned in the game’s inner realm for decades, is set free when they start playing. If the youngsters triumph in Jumanji, they can actually free Alan, but first they need to persuade the terrified Dr. Sarah to play her part. The four players must battle enormous bugs, unruly monkeys, and even stampeding rhinos.

Nanny McPhee

In the family comedy movie Nanny McPhee, Cedric Brown, a widower, hires Nanny McPhee to take care of his seven unruly kids after they kicked out all of their previous nannies. Simon and his brothers make fun of Nanny McPhee, who has supernatural abilities to impose discipline. The family rallies around Nanny McPhee as the children’s great-aunt and benefactor, Lady Adelaide Stitch, threatens to separate the kids.


The family-friendly comedy movie Matilda is based on the same-named Roald Dahl book. The main character of the novel is a young girl named Matilda Wormwood. She is a clever child who must put up with rude, cold, and emotionally distant parents, particularly her unjust father. Agatha Trunchbull, Matilda’s cruel principal, is a dangerously strict bully in addition to her family’s awful behavior. When Matilda learns she has the ability to move objects with her mind, she uses it to save her friends and teacher Miss Honey from Trunchbull’s monstrosity and to battle her terrible parents.

Final Thoughts

We’re confident that reading about the movies from your youth brought back those memories for you, but if you want to relive your youth and have some fun, watch these films right away.

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