5 Essential Maternity Activewear You Must Have For Every Trimester

Pregnancy is a challenging time when it comes to choosing clothes that are functional and aesthetic. The choices become even more tricky with adequate support during workout regimes. That’s why picking the right maternity activewear is crucial as per the bodily changes in every trimester.

Wearing snugly fitted clothes are not only important to provide comfort but also to prevent injuries during sensitive pregnancy days. If you have been confused about which apparel you must have in your wardrobe, here’s a sneaky guide to help you make a sound choice:

High-Waist Leggings

The high-waisted leggings are the perfect options for the to-be mothers for immense support to the growing belly. Wearing them for a longer duration helps pregnant females to comfortably conduct core exercises.

Since core exercises are fundamental to handling excruciating back pain during pregnancy, activities like partial crunches enable women to develop stronger abdominal muscles.

The strength of the abdominal region also ensures higher control during labour and faster recovery after birth.

Maternity Midi Tight and Compression Shorts

Do you profusely sweat in your precious pregnant days during workouts?

Shorts are the most comfortable choices for exercise during humid weather or when hormones start raising your body’s temperature. Wearing midi tights during the 18-20 weeks of pregnancy help immensely with regulating the vulvar varicosities. The uncomfortable swelling of the vulva cause pain and further increase by the end of the pregnancy.

On top of this, wearing midi tights during your pregnancy workouts can help return the blood flow to the intimate region with ease.

Maternity Sports Bra

Much like workout during pre-pregnancy days, ample support to your breasts is non-negotiable. Additionally, growing breasts require higher coverage to ensure better lift and convenience during sweat sessions.

These sports bras are a reliable choice to offer proper support throughout the postpartum period. However, remember not to pick tight apparel as it can lead to clogged ducts. So, choosing a brassiere that doubles as intimate nursing wear can be an alternative.

Stretchy Training Tops

Added support is an essential requirement in all maternity workout clothing. For this reason, it’s crucial to pick tank tops that offer a flattering fit on top of full coverage. Moreover, since the fit design is longer than standard tanks, you can comfortably wear them at any stage of your pregnancy.

Keep in mind to select the material that is made of quick-dry with sweat-wicking technology for maximum convenience.

Roll-Down Pants 

If you want versatility in your maternity wear, these roll-down pants are a must-have in your wardrobe. Not only are they perfect to wear during the first trimester as regular pants, but they are also super convenient to style in the final trimester before birth. Due to the sliding-down maneuverability, it’s a remarkable garment if you want additional support before delivery.

Workouts are the crucial activities that every mom-to-be has in her daily routine. However, carrying out a pregnancy-safe exercise regimen requires help from specially designed maternity activewear. These apparels enable pregnant women to indulge in good self-care routines without letting any ‘bumps’ come in the way.

If you haven’t been sure about which clothes to invest in, now is the time to splurge to stay active!

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